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Why Is Shipping So $$$?

For certain states, shipping costs for meal kits on our site is higher than other non-perishable products you buy online from the likes of Amazon (who's a billion-dollar company by the way). This is mainly due to the necessity us as a small business trying to provide an expedient shipping option (UPS one day shipping) for our customers, as it is the best way to ensure the freshness of our perishable products.

Because our meal kits are made in NYC, depending on your location (and its distance from us), it could be $20 for the immediately adjacent states, and up to as much as $60-90 for shipping across the country. We are simply at the mercy of UPS and trying not to have shipping eat away all of our sales as we still have the packaging, labor, and food costs to pay. 

To illustrate with a specific instance:

  • Our N2 beef meal kit sells for the sale price of $44 plus $32 shipping (to Atlanta, GA) is $76
  • $50 of that $76 goes to UPS, which leaves $26
  • $10 of that $26 then goes to packaging (an insulation bag alone costs $6 after bulk discount), which leaves $16
  • Divide that $16 to 4 portions, and each portion is then $4, which, in this particular instance, doesn't even fully cover our labor, food/materials, and other costs of producing these meal kits to our proprietary recipes

We appreciate your understanding.